Iero Foil, the twin tip foil !

Iero Foil, the twin tip foil !

Iero foil is a French company based in Hyères in the south of France created by two passionate Aurélien and Pierre-Louis. Both are hydrodynamic engineers and of course both practice kitesurfing.

The primary goal for them was to make a Kitefoil financially accessible but also technically. That's why they created the Iero Foil, an symmetrical kitefoil, adaptable on all the boards of twin tip and wakeboard.


With a purchase price at 599 € (only the foil), any kitesurfer can convert its twin tip board in kitefoil to ensure the kite sessions in the light wind.

Its two large wings provide it with a planing early. This foil is primarily designed for a cruising speed of 15 knots so if you are looking for speed, find an efficient models. But once again the program of this foil is simple: simplicity and accessibility.

Meanwhile the test of this foil here are some videos of Iero foil in action.


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