New Sword RS by Taaroa, interview of the Boss Taaroa : Martin Turbil

New Sword RS by Taaroa, interview of the Boss Taaroa : Martin Turbil

First of all why this new race foil Sword RS by Taaroa , what becomes of the Sword 2?

The sword 2 was developed 3 years ago, thanks to many pro riders, it has won several titles like the french championship, Europe and the world championship. With the riders going faster and faster, we had to start thinking about his replacement in order to adapt to the expectations of the riders.

Today, all pro riders sail between 21 and 24 knots at upwind  and sail more than 30 knots to the crosswind and downwind. The level of riders is constantly improving, the performance also, the logical consequence was therefore the development of a new foil ultra-performing.

The sword 2 will soon retire after 2 years of good and loyal services, last Sword 2 will be sold with an interesting discount.

The Sword RS will be available in fews days, all informations will be onfoil Sword RS Taaroa

taaroa sword rs

taaroa sword rs

Which improvements have been made to the Taaroa Sword RS?

On this new foil, we rethought everything : the length of the mast, the fuselage, the fins and the construction.

The fuselage and the front wing are made of a single piece of high modulus carbon, the fuselage is fixed to the mast with 2 screws. We have voluntarily made the stabilizer dismountable so that we can evolve the foil according to the riders and the conditions.

The stabilizer is machined in G10 in order to have the best precision, in fact the carbon molding remains less precise than the machining.

The front wing has now  a slight dihedron (unlike the sword 2) in order to decrease the yaw. The front wing is 63 cm wider with less string to have the maximum power and minimum drag. The front wing is therefore integrated into the fuselage in order to maximize the power of the wing.

The stabilizer has a new profile even more powerfull than the sword 2 in order to gain stability while decreasing the drag. We have also removed the driftage on which was fixed the stabilizer always to reduce the drag.

The Sword RS mast measures 110 cm against 100 cm for the sword 2, this length makes the foil more comfortable in race because it passes more easily the swell. We use a new mast profile that generates less lift and therefore less nervousness. The new layout of carbon fiber of the Sword RS makes the foil stiffer (20% extra stiffness) while being finer.

We see more and more winglet on the front or rear fins of race foils, why not have put them ?

When the end of the wing approaches the surface of the water if it has winglets or a curvature, we have observed a phenomenon of ventilation which causes stalls and often a fall.

With a flat end the fin can come out of the water without stalling and thus split the surface of the water by greatly reducing the risk of falling.

new race foil taaroa RS

Is the Sword RS exclusively for race ?

The Sword RS is of course a foil ultra performance but also very comfortable for the freeride, we propose besides different size of mast so that the riders can choose their foil according to their program.

The 110 cm mast is clearly intended for the race, this length favors the passage of swell as well as an angle of attack optimal for the upwind navigation.

For freeride use we propose a 100 cm mast which will facilitate the maneuvers and make the foil more easier. You will understand that the 110 cm mast is really for race people.

Taaroa also offers a new board, can you tell us more ?

Yes we have developed a new board oriented race (142 cm by 43 cm). The bridge is 100% flat, which allows us to use the entire surface. The new rails are beveled to minimize any contact with the water.

We use a new manufacturing process, the bridge is in sandwich Herex - carbon with a 100% carbon hull.


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